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Cheering For Sheep Anarchy
Sheep, chickens, dogs and cattle were domesticated by humans long before punk rockers ever thought of copying their fur & feather styles for hair cut ideas. In May of every year, the "wild" sheep of Sheep Ranch, California need some TLC to avoid becoming victims of heat stroke. Therefore, two women (in 2012) were appointed as town shepherds, who then ensured that the sheep were shorn properly, albeit in June this year...

Chelsea (Marc's spouse) was out-of-state so she missed the blood and fun, but Alzara came from the City to check out this rural scene for the day. Alzara's a social worker, and a singer, so Tom & Marc & 'Zar got to rehearse some songs while she was at the farm. 'Zar & Marc stopped by this oasis two miles from Earth Abides Land Trust because Phyllis was kind enough to keep Mr. Dog (cute energetic puppy that he is) on a leash, protecting him from the playful fight with 'Zar's silent hybrid car driving by towards the falls...

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