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Tattoo/HairBleach OR New Kids On The Farm ?

Learning To Harness The Power of Camelids
Geo of Tuolomne City taught us some methods of harnessing majestic llamas,
with techniques that can be used with cute alpacas too.
circle home alpacas imagery by Kimberly

Here you see Tom Spiritbringer quickly scooping the halter onto the llama's face...
circle home alpacas imagery by Kimberly circle home alpacas imagery by Kimberly
...and swiftly fastening the latch up high on the neck of the critter.

First Geo showed Pegasus & Unicorn how to catch the youngest, tiniest llama--a mere crea...
circle home alpacas imagery by Kimberly circle home alpacas imagery by Kimberly
... and then, after weighing the crea,
Unicorn unharnesses an adult in front of the crea
just so the they can learn how nice it is to be handled by a Unicorn-human.

Special thanx to Kimberly Hunter for shooting these images for us.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
How Many Kids Will That Goat Make?

Onya recently kidded again--these are the 4th & 5th
offspring she's made, and the 3rd & 4th of Ricardocito

Because the births of 18 March were quite close
to the Spring Equinox, and because last year
Ricardocito's work of inseminating Onya
produced two male kids
and this year's mating produced two females,
it made sense to name the "girls" Equi & Nox.

These first three photographs of the three goats
were shot when the kids were only
24-hours post-utero. Onya pushed them out without
as much terrible pain that she had exhibited with her first kidding 2 years ago with Snow.

The second three photos are from three weeks later,
just so you can see how big the kids grow in 3 weeks.

Equi & Onya frame Unicorn's face nicely

Unicorn is a contemplative goatherd: baby goats head to the manger

A proud mamma-goat, a happy goatherd, 2 delighted kids: SO many kids!!! Equi & Nox are here at the CW Farm

Whenever possible, volunteers and long-term farm community members like to hang out with the baby goats, and sometimes the dairy staff (the "non-mamma-goat" goats).

As you might recall, goats are herd animals, so their happiness depends upon living in community.
see the finger in the lower right corner

Unicorn is with the gentle baby goat named Nox:
Unicorn holds Nox gingerly

2 goofy goats, one copying the other:
Pegasus gets two-tone hair because Equi is two-tone too

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Who Do You Think Got a New Tattoo?

Inspired by the kidding, the Chearcus got re-decorated:

Here's a close-up of the new image from Stellaluna of three baby birds and a baby fruit bat.

Stellaluna For President!