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A Long-Lasting Era of Error
Kelley has been working hard at the CW Farm intermittently for a few years. Tom has been with the Farm for 7 years. He came to be the midwife from the era of the founders to the new era. We had thought the new era would be one in which the Chearcus was on-duty, but now we are sure that our UniCoRn-PegasUS path is into the Valley (and perhaps beyond?) It was an error to believe that the Chearcus will live hard-core at Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm consistently for the next 30 years. We've been at the Farm for five years, but it was my bad to not recognize our trajectory: we may reside here only another two years!

In a wise symbolic step forward for us all, Kelley Kolberg (a.k.a. Duck-Dolphin) departed from the Farm to show us how easy it can be to be a midwife between eras of eustress.

The neighbors all showed up to pray for Kelley at the Farewell Party (going-on-vacation).

Here's Fallah Funston and Kelley, wearing her clogs, which go perfectly with ANY outfit! AND of course, here's Sotero with Kelley in the Catherine's House kitchen.

Here's Sucely, but she only had one slice of cake, despite the slaughter of the cake, communally conducted throughout the evening of Kelley's going-on-vacation party.

Chearcus, Kelley & Tom at 7:30am the day Kelley left EACWF.
The morning after the party, we thanked Goddess that Kelley ALMOST forgot to take an unexpected visitor home. That visitor then took this photo ('cos "almost isn't good enuf"), and we all said goodbye again, 'cos we were all THERE.
And,,, the Farm is in transition again with Kelley's departure. Sotero & Sucely are expected to move into the building where Kelley lived (Pace Domi) as they begin a trial period for potentially joining the CW movement. Of course we are THRILLED that Sotero and Sucely (pictured above) with their kids (not pictured) are sincerely considering taking on the work of this Catholic Worker Farm... Pegasus & Unicorn will spend much time in Sacramento while Tom does most of the training of the new family.

... and we still have a bunch of trees to cut down--thanx for Kelsey's learning to do the bloody work!
trying out the new ELECTRIC chain saw trying out the new ELECTRIC chain saw

What about the new kids on the block?
the son of Onya & Mulberry . the daughter of Equi & Mulberry . The daughter of Onya & Mulberry
These baby girls were born a day apart from each other, even though they were fertilized a week apart from each other. We figured the mothers wanted to be in sync, or the youngest mom wanted to get it over with sooner, rather than later! Pegasus can be seen here emulating the pain in his face that a mamma goat goes through to push out the kid. See the vimeo for audio effects.