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The Winter That Was Not

We have had only two light-snows since November, and the temperatures are back in the (Fahrenheit) 60s these days. A standard crazy-california winter storm hit on February 6th, the day after we got three alpacas. Their names (left to right above) are Pumpkin, Lemon, and Redman. The most anti-social alpaca is Lemon, the one whose reproductive system is broken (he's gelded). As you can see in the following picture, we are pretty green at handling alpacas. They are in the camelid family, and keep DNA in their red blood cells (unlike most mammals, i believe) and they have a three-chamber stomach, so i don't wish to drink their milk. But they like eating wheat hay, similar to the way i like eating wheat bread, so that's why i'm looking at them through the fence. Their personalities are more like cats than goats, who are more like dogs, than sheep.

The Winter That Was Not Is Ending Now...

The second kidding in the contemporary era @ Earth Abides CW Farm
was about a year after the first kidding:
Snow was born to his mamma Onya last March 31st, and now...

Marcyita (the black angora goat) finally gave birth to her baby angora goat,
the kid who was in-utero when we acquired Marcyita on December 8th.
Her kid was born on March 18th. Here she is up-close:

Both females are doing fine.