imagery of CW Farm

EPISODE 2: Sheep Worry...
EPISODE 3: Unloading The Zucchini
EPISODE 4: Harvesting the Wild Snake
EPISODE 5: Existential Strawberry Crisis
EPISODE 6: Time & Space Warp
EPISODE 7: WinterWonderLand
EPISODE 8: SpringSprang
EPISODE 9: SummerLovingChicks
EPISODE 10: Autumn2013Evolution
EPISODE 11: WinterGoatOnya
EPISODE 12: FaithFarmsResist
EPISODE 13: Onya's Support Staff
EPISODE 14: Alpacas-Schmackas!
EPISODE 15: Baby Animal (kids) & HairCuts
EPISODE 16: 70th Anniversary of Nuclearism
EPISODE 17: Intense Alpaca Violence
EPISODE 18: Fire Rampage in County
EPISODE 19: Solar Panels UP!
EPISODE 20: Camelids/Baby Goats/Tattos
EPISODE 21: 40th Anniversary Electricity
EPISODE 22: Animals & Trees Die
EPISODE 23: Vegas Jail & Home Again
EPISODE 24: Vegan Violence 4 Chickens?
EPISODE 25: A Redwood Thrives in-county!
EPISODE 26: Say Goodbye, y'all...
Lovarchist Farming Chronicles
A BLOG BY PEGASUS MOVIES to Accompany This Blog

Manual Labor For Love's Sake

In Four Easy Steps!

STEP ONE Ensure you have at least one hand, or dextrous feet, or prosthetic digits (as opposed to voice-activated robots), and be nimble with them.

STEP TWO Ensure your access to soil, air, sunlight, seeds, water, time and open space.

Something FRACTAL-icious happens on the vines 3 months
before the grapes are ready for human consumption.

STEP THREE Prepare thyself psychologically for hard work, remembering that ACCESS to land provides oodles of opportunities for tons of manual labor!

Here you see the choppy-chicken chance
of a lifetime--escape from Ovuland

STEP FOUR Recognize that the land/bioregion will guide you, if you let it. Follow the rhythms of the land.

It's just a simple, crazy 4-mile 4-hour hike
between the CW Farm and the Logging Museum

More musings by marcus on the connectivity of Catholicism and Farming are interwoven here.

In our case, we (the Chearcus, a.k.a. Unicorn & Pegasus), left Albuquerque's Trinity House in order to do manual labor at the Catholic Worker Farm located near Arnold, Sheep Ranch and Murphys in Calaveras County. We were happy to continue our retreat-conducting skills (which we'd learned in the first decade of the 21st Century, before we became the Chearcus), and to amplify that hospitality through direct action with production of food. The Catholic Worker Farm (founded in 1976 here in Calaveras County) is perpetually dedicated to two functions: RETREATS for folks who are HIV+ and GARDENING/FARMING the land for food to be consumed on the farm and at the retreats. The Chearcus is dedicated to following Jesus faithfully, and they find the Catholic Worker Movement a good way to do so.
We, the Chearcus, started out 2012 seeking to green our thumbs through intensive immersions into the farm life in two or three locations. First we did two weeks on a family farm, then two months at the California Catholic Worker Farm, followed by five weeks on a small commercial farm. Each one was unique. The serious manual labor in these three locations over 15 weeks of the year was originally a sabbatical from Trinity House Catholic Worker, a stereotypical urban Catholic Worker situation. But because of these sojourns on farms, Unicorn and Pegasus made a 7-year commitment to the Catholic Worker farm in California. Therefore they joined Earth Abides as the Catherine's House Directors in 2012, and Trinity House has continued doing Artworks of Mercy without these newbie farmers.